Welcome to the home page of eyeBurst

eyeBurst is a graphical signal strength monitoring utility for iBurstTM wireless internet broadband devices written in Java / Swing under the GNU GPL. The latest release, screenshots, a usage overview and the source code are available at SourceForge.net.

For users of Windows the following two projects in the same category, which inspired the development of eyeBurst, may be of interest: iConnect and utTraceStar. The documentation hosted by these projects concerning network setup on Windows may also be helpful to eyeBurst users running on Windows.  The credit for the charts rendered by eyeBurst is all due to the excellent JFreeChart library.

eyeBurst is intended to be localizable to the region in which you use it by means of properties files that name the locations of the iBurstTM  towers in that region according to codes that are part of the data read by eyeBurst.  Users that are able to improve on the existing locations distributed with the application or able to contribute locations for whole new regions are encouraged to share their knowledge for the benefit of all.  Amongst the places that this can be done are the discussion forums for this project.

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